All you need! HR Starter-Pack

All you need! HR Starter-Pack


All you need! HR Starter-Pack
The HR Starter-Pack is the perfect solution for organizations that do not have access to a Human Resources team. The HR Starter-Pack is an essential resource designed to support and streamline the human resources function within an organization. It is tailored to help  employers and employees navigate the complex landscape of employing people effectively with a compliant lens. This comprehensive Starter-Pack encompasses various tools, guidelines, and processes, ensuring that HR operations are in alignment with legal requirements, best practices, and the organization’s strategic goals.

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2 Policies of your choice – Please indicate your choices at check-out notes
Clients have the opportunity to select two (2) policies. Policy Options include: WHMIS, Human Rights, Workplace Equity, Health and Safety, WSIA, Privacy, AODA, Social Media Usage, Workplace Re-integration (RTW), Attendance Management, Recruitment, Drug and Alcohol, Workplace Violence, and Harassment. These policies address a wide spectrum of employment facets, encompassing safety, privacy, inclusivity, and behaviour. Employers have the opportunity to choose the policies that best match their requirements and preferences, ensuring they possess the necessary knowledge, adhere to the organization’s directives and remain compliant.

Retention of Records
This document is a detailed guide for Ontario, Canada employers, outlining record retention requirements. It covers various employee record categories, such as personal information, work hours, pay, vacation, holidays, leaves, and more. Emphasizing legal compliance, efficiency, and risk reduction, the guide helps organizations meet their obligations and adapt to evolving laws through proper record management. 

Offer Letter and Employment Agreement Guide
This document is a comprehensive guide to provide insight about what should be within scope of any offer letters for employment. Offer letters play a crucial role in the hiring process by formally extending job offers and detailing employment terms. To ensure effective and compliant offer letters, employers should use clear, professional language and seek legal review. These letters establish clarity, professionalism, and a strong foundation for successful employment relationships.

Health & Safety Guide- Per OHSA + Quick reference guide (QRF)
This document provides an overview of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), stressing its importance in promoting workplace safety. It highlights the Act’s objectives, notably the Internal Responsibility System (IRS), which involves all workplace members in maintaining safety. Roles and responsibilities of parties like health and safety reps, employers, supervisors, workers, and owners, are clearly defined. It also covers the right to refuse work for safety concerns, reporting incidents, accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses, and penalties for non-compliance with the Act. 

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