Equity & Anti-Discrimination Policy

Equity & Anti-Discrimination Policy


Equality & Anti-Discrimination Policy

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This document is the Equity and Anti-Discrimination Policy, dedicated to fostering a workplace that upholds equity, diversity, and inclusion while strictly prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and bias. The policy applies to all employees, emphasizing compliance with Ontario laws and covers a wide range of prohibited grounds of discrimination. It commits to a harassment-free workplace and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

The policy assigns responsibilities to management, particularly in promoting an inclusive work environment, and to Human Resources for training and policy development. Employees are expected to understand and apply the policy’s principles. Reporting procedures for discrimination or harassment are outlined, along with confidentiality and a strict no-retaliation stance. The policy is to be reviewed periodically to ensure compliance and best practices. Ultimately, it reflects the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive and respectful workplace for all employees.

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