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Meet the Founder

In the world of work, people know me as Carmelinda Galota. I have worked in HR for 15+ years and have gained a thorough understanding of human resources, through education and experience.

I have worked for the ‘mom & pop’ shops, as well as large engineering multi-national companies. My degree is not in Business Administration, but in Anthropology.

Anthropology is concerned with the study of human societies & cultures and their development.

How does this relate to business you ask?

Easy – human behaviour, as well as business culture. Each business has their own ‘culture’, which needs to be…

1) Developed
2) Monitored or
3) Changed


Mind you, I also have a Post-Graduate certificate in HR Management, as well as my CHRL designation from the HR Professionals Association. 

Throughout my experience with working for very large (and very small) businesses, I’ve come to learn the HR discipline as a generalist. Someone who knows a lot about many different things and the main reason for this – is to ensure the business thrives. 

How do I show my passion for HR? Through my curiosity in how people are an integral part of business and how we can ensure the business remains profitable. 

My goal is to have the employees and leadership develop a sense of commitment to the organization and have a sense of team. This is the answer for the betterment of the business. With the assistance, guidance and recommendations of our staff, Unlimited HRM Solutions Inc. will assist you in all areas of Human Resources. We understand the needs of our clients and of their employees.

I am someone who enjoys the world of HR and can speak at great lengths about how HR is vital to a growing organization. I take my work and my career seriously, because at the end of the day, it’s my name on the line. 

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